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Why Consider this Group Coaching Course?


Are you nurturing kids through virtual/hybrid learning or virtual therapies?

Do you feel frustrated, fatigued, or overwhelmed by the amount of care you are providing for the children in your life?

Are you struggling to maintain activities of daily living, such as showering, thoughtfully dressing, and mindfully eating?

Are your needs going by the wayside because of your responsibilities?

The Problem

Teachers were not trained to teach virtually and certainly not using hybrid models where virtual and face-to-face instruction happens simultaneously. Teachers are being stretched emotionally and physically as they weigh the sacrifice of serving their students with the risk of infection.

Many caregivers are struggling to work full time while simultaneously supporting their children during virtual learning. 

Life has changed drastically in 2020 and that leaves many people who nurture children struggling to meet expectations of others while also taking care of their own needs. 


The Solution


My mission is to help people who nurture children assess their own levels of burn-out, fatigue, frustration, and overwhelm. 

To give you tools and support to help navigate these feelings and situations.

To give you a community where authenticity, confidentiality, and reflection are valued. 

To help you create a more fulfilling life as you continue to nurture children.


How? 12 Weeks to Reconnecting

12 Weeks to Reconnecting is a group coaching program for women in roles where nurturing of children is central to their work, whether that's in a job or in the home, or both.



You spend the majority of your day nurturing children.


You have struggled with adjusting to virtual/hybrid learning.


You are coachable and willing to show up for yourself and your well-being.


You are ready to learn new ways to care for yourself.


Yes, that's me!

You might fall into one of these categories:

You work in a school environment

  • ​Teacher
  • Teacher assistant
  • Administrator

  • Allied health professional (SLP, OT, PT, AuD, etc.)

  • Counselor or LSSP

  • Diagnostician


You work in a community environment 

  • Daycares/Preschools
  • After school programs

  • YMCA

  • Sports organizations

  • Places of worship

  • Girl Scouts 

  • And many more!

You work in the home as an unpaid caregiver

  • Mom

  • Guardian

  • Grandmother

  • Aunt

  • Foster parent

  • Neighbor

  • Friend

Think you'd benefit, but feel hesitant? Let's discuss...

I'm a Momma to an 18 month old bundle of legit joy. I thought it was hard being Momma before the pandemic hit, and then the pandemic hit and I was like "whoaaaaa!" Taking care of a little one full time. Working. Running research. Teaching classes. Doing virtual therapies and doctor appointments. I got so overwhelmed and frustrated and I could feel compassion fatigue rearing its ugly head.

I had to stop, regroup, and really evaluate where I was struggling and what strategies I could use to improve my fulfillment in what feels like a chaotic world. I've gone through a journey of applying what I know as an educational psychologist to my own struggle in my head and heart. And I'm prepared to walk with you through your journey in this course.

Maybe you're in a similar situation in your head and heart. You love the kids you nurture on a daily basis, but wowza! It's become really tough. Maybe like me you found yourself struggling to get dressed, showering less often, and feeling overwhelmed by the littlest things. Maybe you find yourself dreading parts of your day and just holding on for the weekends. 

You are worthy of addressing those feelings and struggles! You are worthy of the time and the investment. You are worthy of the transformation. You are worthy of radical self-love! And if that isn't enough... research shows that healthy nurturers of children serve children wayyyy better. So if you won't do it for yourself yet (this course will get you there), do it for the children you interact with everyday!

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Here's exactly how I support you and your transformation...

I'm ready to go all in!
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Hi Friends!

If you've gotten this far, you're probably wondering, "Who is the person facilitating and designing this group coaching course?"

It's me!

I'm Jen Johnson, and I founded The Child Safety Collaborative for one reason: to create a safer, healthier world for children. Part of creating that world for children is helping nurturers of children focus on meeting their own needs.

I have been serving in nurturing roles for my entire career.

I started out my career as a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and eventually moved into administration. During that time I became interested in social and emotional development, as well as interventions for emotional and behavioral disorders. This led me to go back and pursue my PhD, where I've focused on the science of educational psychology.

As part I've my studies, I learned that one of the most powerful protective factors for children is the presence of healthy adults in their lives. That's you!

As a mom, I have struggled with prioritizing my own needs and mental health because my focus is so intensely dedicated to my son. I also struggled with this when I was a teacher. I spent most of my time focused on creating the optimal learning tools, lessons, and opportunities for my students, sometimes to the detriment of my own health. In fact, during my time as a teacher I had to take two medical leaves of absence because I pushed myself way too far! I want better for you.

In this course, I have combined my knowledge of the culture of teaching, the responsibility of caretaking, and the science of educational psychology to develop a course to help women assess their fatigue, develop a plan to take care of their mind, body, and soul, and increase fulfillment in their role with children.

I can't wait to see all the transformations!



Frequently Asked Questions

I'm ready to do this!