Child safety is a topic that has the potential to create a lot of fear and anxiety in the hearts and minds of parents and educators. Everywhere you turn there are reports of abuse in places that are supposed to be safe, increasingly aggressive behavior in children, and human trafficking. 

I'm a Momma, PhD candidate, child safety expert, former special educator, and survivor of childhood abuse myself. I founded The Child Safety Collaborative LLC with a single mission: to equip grown-ups as they promote child safety and positive behavior in their own home and organization. Through my research and work with leading safety organizations I have learned that the development of social, emotional, and physical safety must be taught and practiced. I know creating a safer world for my child, and every child, involves taking intentional action, and the collaborative is here to help you learn to do just that. 


The Child Safety Collaborative LLC brings a wide array of expertise to the table related to education, security, and counseling that combine to bring you high quality, individualized services. Call me today for a free consultation about how I can help your family or organization take intentional action to protect the children in your life. 

-Jennifer Johnson, Ph.D. Candidate

Momma, Educator, Researcher

The Child Safety Collaborative

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