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In January of 2020, I founded The Child Safety Collaborative because I was concerned about the emotional development and emotional safety of children and teachers. I didn't want to spend my career as an educational psychologist doing research without having ongoing engagement with the people the research exists to serve. When I founded the Collaborative, I had no idea we were a few months away from a public health crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic.

Research shows that one of the most important protective factors in preventing child maltreatment is the support of adults in the child's life. The Child Safety Collaborative exists to support schools, organizations, and individuals as they build the skills they need to show up as a supportive adults in the lives of the children they interact with on a daily basis.​ 

I do that in two ways: 1) working with organizations, families, and children directly to help them embrace a culture of physical and emotional safety through practical skill development, and 2) working with educators who are experiencing burnout and compassion fatigue so they can bring their best self to their relationships with students. You can find out more about my teacher burnout services here.

I bring a wide array of expertise to the table related to education, psychology, and professional development that combine to bring you high quality, individualized and group services.

Email me today to set up a Discovery Call about how I can help your family, school, or organization take intentional action to be emotionally safe within yourself and with the children you spend your days helping grow.

​-Dr. Jen Johnson

Educational Psychologist

Author, Educator, Consultant

Former Clients Include Organizations Like...

Sara Kennedy, Former Executive Director, Colorado Hands & Voices

Dr. Johnson's content was immediately relatable and useable with parents and other caregivers and the professionals who support those parents in early intervention and beyond.

She has a gift for making complex, abstract concepts more accessible.

Kathy Sowell, Veteran Instructional Specialist, Arlington ISD

I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer as an instructional specialist. Jen is a wonderful teacher - for both children and adult learners. She has strong coaching abilities as well. Jen is creative in her presentations and extremely knowledgeable of her content. You will find Jen to be personable, practical, and professional.

Jessica Alsip, Deaf Education Teacher, ISD

Dr. Johnson is the greatest lifeline and support I’ve had as a teacher. Anytime I’ve needed support she is quick to respond with encouragement and most importantly she affirms that my feelings are valid and natural. The suggestions she has given are realistic since she knows the time and material constraints that teachers face.

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