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Social Emotional Skill Integration

Taking the Overwhelm out of Teaching SEL

There are a couple of things I know from my experience as a public school teacher:

1. Huge curriculums feel intimidating & unmanageable.

2. Teachers don't have time to develop a separate SEL lesson plan.

3. Teachers need a simple, effective way to teach social and emotional skills.

In my trainings, I combine evidence-based practices for academic learning with evidence-based practices for social emotional learning. I teach educators to look at their existing academic curriculum and seamlessly insert social emotional skill teaching and practice in ways that feel authentic and natural.

SEL skills should be taught like academic skills. We should model what it looks like, coach students as they try the skills, and then provide behavioral practice that allows them to become independent. Embedding SEL teaching within and throughout academic content is effective, time-efficient, and evidence-based.

My goal is always for teachers to leave professional development and coaching sessions feeling empowered and ready to implement learning. 


Cynthia Frosch, PhD, IMH-E
Auburn University, Associate Professor,
Human Development & Family Science

Students comment consistently on how much their understanding of  children, families, and professionals has grown from interacting with

Dr. Johnson.

Sarah Kennedy, Executive Director
Colorado Hands & Voices

Dr. Johnson's content was immediately relatable and usable with parents and other caregivers and the professionals who support those parents in early intervention and beyond.

Dr. Johnson is amazing at what she does! She is a child advocate to the core and has studied and prepared herself to share this knowledge and expertise with others... I would highly recommend Dr. Johnson.

Dr. Chelsi Anderson,
Educational Psychologist

Autism Intervention

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