Guiding Compassionate Changes to Challenging Behavior in the Home

At The Child Safety Collaborative LLC, we acknowledge there is no parenting handbook and helping your child cope with challenging behaviors can feel hopeless. Helping children learn healthy behavior is a key part of keeping them emotionally and physically safe. We pride ourselves on providing affordable, individualized, and practical home-based interventions to address each family's unique needs.


We believe every family should have the opportunity to improve the quality of life of their children and family.


Children experience challenging behavior for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is due to a disability, such as ADHD, Intellectual Disability, or Autism Spectrum Disorder, and sometimes it's not, but every behavior has a purpose. That's why no one intervention or plan works for every child. We are committed to determining the underlying needs of the child and making a plan to address those needs in a way that leads to positive behavior.


We are dedicated to providing interventions and family plans that can be implemented by parents who have no experience with challenging behavior. Practicality is a necessity for long term success and we accept the challenge!


We bring help directly to your home so we can help you design an environment and interventions customized to your child and family.

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